Oxyopia Talks

Oxyopia, the Greek word meaning "acute vision,"  is the title of the weekly vision science seminars presented at the Indiana University School of Optometry in conjunction with graduate course V765. The seminars serve a twofold purpose in that they:

     1. stimulate intellectual activity among the faculty, and

     2. provide a learning environment for graduate students.

Oxyopia presenters are IU School of Optometry faculty members and graduate students as well as visiting lecturers from other departments, universities, research facilities, private practices, industry, etc.

9/15/2017Zhong LinQuick CSF: Detecting Hidden Vision Loss?Description 9/15/2017
9/8/2017Shirin HassanIs Seeing Believing? Can Visually Impaired Pedestrians Cross Streets Safely?Description 9/8/2017
9/1/2017Joseph BonannoCorneal Endothelial Dystrophy in the Slc4a11 Knock Out MouseDescription 9/1/2017
4/21/2017Maddie JonesThe Mind Can't Go Blind: How Age-related Macular Degeneration Affects Street Crossing Time EstimatesDescription 4/21/2017
4/21/2017Alice GrassoA Comparison of StereotestsDescription 4/21/2017 B
4/14/2017Colin DowneyDynamic Characteristics of 5 to 22 week-old Infants’ Accommodation and Vergence Tracking ResponsesDescription 4/14/2017
3/31/2017 Moonjung ChoiFunctional roles of SLCA411 and mitochondria will influence our understanding of how the loss of SCL4A11 results in corneal endothelial dystrophiesDescription 3/31/2017
3/24/2017 Ray WarnerFlicker evoked changes in retinal capillary blood flow measured using a dual channel Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser OphthalmoscopeDescription 3/24/2017 A
3/24/2017 Sonisha NeupaneThe relationship between motor behavior and perception in strabismic subjectDescription 3/24/2017 B
3/10/2017 Essam AlmutlebStreet-Crossing Decision-Making in Pedestrians with Simulated Central Field LossDescription 3/10/2017 A
3/10/2017 Ayoub LassouedClassification of cones across the transition zone in retinitis pigmentosa based on AO-OCT signatureDescription 3/10/2017 B
2/24/2017 Arthur EdmondNeural and vascular changes in the eyes of diabetic patientsDescription 2/24/2017 A
2/24/2017 Furu ZhangDiurnal Time Course of Cone Photoreceptor Disc Shedding in the Living Human EyeDescription 2/24/2017 B
2/17/2017 Yen-Chiao WangSpdef regulates the early stage development of conjunctival goblet cellDescription 2/17/2017 A
2/17/2017 Hin CheungPotential biomarker for glaucoma-related damage to the retinal nerve fiber layerDescription 2/17/2017 A
2/10/2017 Ting LuoModeling retinal arterial diameters and velocities at bifurcationsDescription 2/10/2017 A
2/10/2017 Kathy SapoznikMultiply-scattered light AOSLO imaging using a configurable aperture approachDescription 2/10/2017 B
2/3/2017 David Crandall, PhDEgocentric computer vision, for fun and scienceDescription 2/3/2017
1/27/2017 Amos WangMeasuring the axial power of multifocal contact lenses using Shack-Hartmann aberrometerDescription 1/27/2017 A
1/27/2017 Senyo BrightMitigating the impact and understanding the implications of the presence of putative proliferated glia in glaucomatous OCT en face imagingDescription 1/27/2017 B
1/20/2017 Brad CaronThe effects of concussion-prone athletics on the brain: A comparison of football, cross-country, and socioeconomically matched non-athletes using fMRI and diffusion-imaging.Description 1/20/2017 A
1/20/2017 Debra AntwiMeasurement of fluorescein concentration in the Tear Film by image analysis and tear sampling.Description 1/20/2017 B
1/13/2017 Ann ElsnerIndividual Differences in Human Retinas: Neuroplasticity in Aging and Age-related Macular Degeneration and the Potential for Cone Survival and VisionDescription 1/13/2017
12/2/2016 Paul GamlinIntrinsically-photosensitive Ganglion Cells: Anatomy, Physiology, and Behavioral RolesDescription 12/2/2016
11/18/2016 Mallika ValapalaInduction of Lysosomal Function for the Treatment of Age-related Macular DegenerationDescription 11/18/2016
11/4/2016 Student presentationsPre- American Academy of Optometry talksDescription 11/4/2016
10/28/2016 Alfred LewinGene Delivery of Secreted Cell Penetrating Peptides to Prevent Retinal Degeneration in a Mouse Model of Oxidative Stress in the Retinal Pigment EpitheliumDescription 10/28/2016
10/14/2016 Artur CideciyanGene Therapy for the Improvement of Vision and Arrest of Retinal DegenerationDescription 10/14/2016
9/30/2016 Rob deRuyterUsing bilocal visual noise to investigate motion detection in flies and humans.Description 9/30/2016
9/23/2016 Xiao FuProgression of Diabetic Capillary Occlusions: An Explanatory Computational ModelDescription 9/23/2016
9/16/2016 Hannah BlockReciprocal effects of change in visuo-proprioceptive and motor processingDescription 9/16/2016
9/9/2016 Patrice TankamEndothelial Corneal Dystrophy: The perspective of Regenerative MedicineDescription 9/9/2016
9/2/2016 Christine A. CurcioVisualizing the neurodegeneration of age-related macular degeneration in histology and multimodal imagingDescription 9/2/2016
4/29/2016 Susana MarcosUnderstanding and Correcting PresbyopiaDescription 4/29/2016
4/8/2016 Kaitlyn SapoznikMultimodal imaging of retinal sequelae of choroidal nevusDescription 4/8/2016 A
4/8/2016 Furu ZhangCone outer segment disc shedding imaged in the living human eyeDescription 4/8/2016 B
3/25/2016 Shannon RisacherVisual Measures as Biomarkers of Alzheimer's DiseaseDescription 3/25/2016
3/11/2016 Meznah AlmutairiBinocular Static Accommodation of Early PresbyopesDescription 3/11/2016 A
3/11/2016 Eric SeemillerEye Position Stability in 5- to 10-Week-OldsDescription 3/11/2016 B
2/26/2016 Yifei WuModeling the pupil image of eccentric photorefraction using ZemaxDescription 2/26/2016 A
2/26/2016 Edmund ArthurOptical Coherence Tomography transverse imaging of diabetic retinasDescription 2/26/2016 B
2/12/2016 Bright Senyo AshimateyBetween-subject variability in healthy eyes as a primary source of structural-functional discordance in patients with GlaucomaDescription 2/12/2016 A
2/12/2016 Wenlin ZhangSlc4a11 knock-out model of Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy reveals a phenotype consistent with ammonia toxicityDescription 2/12/2016 B
2/5/2016 Tao LiuInteraction of axial and oblique astigmatism in theoretical and physical eye modelsDescription 2/5/2016
1/29/2016 Muhammed Saad M AlluwimiTargeting damaged RNFL bundles on en face images with closely-spaced Visual Field pointsDescription 1/29/2016 A
1/29/2016 Hind OthmanWall To Lumen Ratio (WLR) In Clinically Involved And Uninvolved Areas Within Individual Diabetic EyesDescription 1/29/2016 B
1/22/2016 Joel PapayAxial analysis of cones and adjacent retinal structures using AOSLODescription 1/22/2016 A
1/22/2016 Ayuob LassouedTransition Zone between Healthy and Diseased Retina in Patients with Retinitis PigmentosaDescription 1/22/2016 B
1/15/2016 Huachun Amos WangPupil Miosis benefits for highly aberrated eyeDescription 1/15/2016
12/11/2015 Basal AltoaimiAdaptive optics and the eye (super resolution OCT)Description 12/11/2015
12/4/2015 Jun ZhangEstimation of Osmolarity within Areas of Tear BreakupDescription 12/4/2015 A
12/4/2015 Zhuolin LiuEstimation of Osmolarity within Areas of Tear BreakupDescription 12/4/2015 B
11/20/2015 Yang SunPrimary cilia and inositol signaling in the eyeDescription 11/20/2015
11/13/2015 Ray ApplegateCorneal refractive surgery: Treating the wrong location with the wrong correctionDescription 11/13/2015
11/6/2015 Eli PeliDiplopia and confusion partners in discomfort mostly together but sometime separateDescription 11/6/2015
10/30/2015 Essam Saad AlmutlebSimulation of a Central Scotoma Using Contact Lenses with an Opaque CenterDescription 10/30/2015 A
10/30/2015 Ting LuoBehavior of the retinal vasculature for normal and diabetesDescription 10/30/2015 B
10/23/2015 Renfeng XuNon-accomodative strategies for expanding the depth of focus of presbyopesDescription 10/23/2015
10/16/2015 Gareth HastingsScaling Wavefront Aberrations when Changing Pupil Size BDescription 10/16/2015
10/2/2015 Nicholas PortSaccadic and pursuit ocular motor deficits among individuals afflicted with Schizophrenia and their first degree relativesDescription 10/2/2015
9/25/2015 Yujin ZhangWnt/beta-catenin signaling modulates corneal epithelium stratification via inhibition of Bmp4 during mouse developmentDescription 9/25/2015
9/18/2015 Chia-Yang LiuGene Regulatory Networks Governing Goblet Cell Differention In Ocular Surface EpitheliumDescription 9/18/2015
9/11/2015 Wendy HarrisonSeeing Unexplained Vision LossDescription 9/11/2015
9/4/2015 Malika ValapalaInduction of Lysosomal Function for the Treatment of Age-related Macular DegenerationDescription 9/4/2015
5/1/2015 Renfeng XuNon-‐accommodative treatments for presbyopesDescription 5/1/2015
4/24/2015 Nicholas PortA Rapid Objective Tool for Diagnosing Concussions Utilizing the Involuntary Aspects of Eye MovementsDescription 4/24/2015
4/17/2015 Rowan CandyThe Control of Ocular Alignment During Infancy and Early ChildhoodDescription 4/17/2015
4/10/2015 Mahnaz ShahidiRetinal Oxygen Delivery and Metabolism ImagingDescription 4/10/2015
4/3/2015 Nathan DobleHigh Resolution Retinal Imaging Using Adaptive OpticsDescription 4/3/2015
3/13/2015 Brad FortuneImaging retinal ganglion cells, their axons and transport in experimental models of optic nerve injury: implications for clinical management of glaucoma and other optic neuropathiesDescription 3/13/2015
3/6/2015 Zhuolin LiuImaging the retinal pigment epithelium mosaic with AO-OCTDescription 3/6/2015 A
3/6/2015 Tao LiuUniformity of Accommodation Across the Visual FieldDescription 3/6/2015 B
2/27/2015 Mastour AlhamamiComparison of cysts in red and green images for diabetic macular edemaDescription 2/27/2015 A
2/27/2015 Omer KocaogluMHz AO-OCT for imaging the microscopic retinaDescription 2/27/2015 B
2/20/2015 Joel PapayQuantifying foveal form birefringence in aging and diabetesDescription 2/20/2015 A
2/20/2015 Jun ZhangVisual Disturbance and Ocular Irritation in an Experimental Dry Eye ModelDescription 2/201/2015 B
2/13/2015 Senyo AshtimateyQuantifying the density of Retinal Nerve Fibers (RNF) in SD-OCT enface ImagesDescription 2/13/2015 A
2/13/2015 Arian AshourvanDynamic network interactions of the human oculomotor system based on intrinsic connectivityDescription 2/13/2015 B
2/6/2015 Yifei WuAdaptation of phoria and accommodation in young childrenDescription 2/6/2015 A
2/6/2015 Eric SeemillerThe sensitivity of vergence eye movements in 5-10 week old infantsDescription 2/6/2015 B
1/30/2015 Jason MarsackAn Integrated Approach to Improving Visual Performance in Highly Aberrated EyesDescription 1/30/2015
1/23/2015 Wenlin ZhangGlutamine is an essential contributor to the human corneal endothelial ATP poolDescription 1/23/2015 A
1/23/2015 Ann ElsnerI'm Not Done Yet: Cones in AMDDescription 1/23/2015 B